Saturday, October 9, 2010

Black Nail Polish - Why should
Goths and Emos have all the Fun?

goth mom
Goth mom by freeparking, on Flickr

Cheer up people – 
black looks good on you too!
Not so long ago, if you liked a certain kind of music, wore certain clothes and make up, had this kind of world view and hung around with like-minded peers, then black nail polish was probably your thing. But just like punk, grunge and other music genres went mainstream, so have associated fashion trends.

Shades of gray
Lines have blurred, genres blended – anything goes! Black is so mainstream now it's reached classic status, and we're enjoying many variations on the theme. A really smart offshoot is grey. Humble grey. Far from looking plain, a range of shades from dark through light are both understated and beautiful.

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