Saturday, October 9, 2010

Quake Hits Christchurch —
Nail Biting Soars!

Terrifying 7.1 on the Richter Scale, this Earthquake was BIG!

It was 4:35am, Saturday 4 September 2010, when all of Christchurch woke. The rumbling noise was deafening with violent shaking that lasted about a minute. My husband and I stumbled to our two young kids and grabbed them before diving for shelter under the kitchen table. Our lights went out and the aftershocks kept coming. Even now as I write this a month later, the whole region is still getting heaps of aftershocks.

So yeah, nail biting stuff.

On Saturday we went out to see how badly The Royal Nail was damaged; just some nail polish bottles smashed on the floor.

Incredibly no-one was seriously hurt in our family or anywhere else in Canterbury - a real miracle! Most of the damage is to property and infrastructure. Many people have lost their homes. Many can't return to work.

Our customers chat with us about their children's reactions to the aftershocks. While the little ones seem to be scared of them, teenagers seem less worried and make comments like: "Why do adults keep talking about this earthquake!"

One thing for sure, our city will never be the same.

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