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Sometimes Love Hurts...

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Top 5 Nail Trends for Spring 2010

What’s the word on nail polish trends for Spring 2010 (Autumn in Northern Hemisphere). Pick any word and you’ve likely hit the nail on the head! This season, nail trends transcend the deep reds of seasons past and veer toward a mix of glam, chic, urban and eclectic. In other words, anything goes! Spring hues are dark, sexy, even slightly dangerous. And in the salon, the trend is practical, long-wearing yet natural looks.

1. Shellac Attack. Move over acrylics and gels, Shellac nails are giving the queens of long-lasting pointers a run for their money. Dubbed a “hybrid” between traditional nail lacquer and gel nails, Shellac was developed by Creative Nail Design as a long-wearing option that wreaks less havoc on your natural nails. This smudge-free, chip-free and quick drying nail colour applies like polish, wears for two weeks of high gloss shine and is easily removed. Find a Shellac salon near you at cnd.comMore on Shellac.

2. Rock Star Edgy. Last year, vampires had their moment in the spotlight and deep, dark vampy colours were king. This year, rock stars rule. Sephora by OPI Rocker Chic Collection includes nine heavy metal twists on fall shades. For a transitional summer to fall shade, try the silvery bronze Already Famous. Just A Little Dangerous epitomizes fall style with its rich, eggplant purple shade spiked with flecks of metal. Available at Sephora for $9 USD each.

3. Futurama. Not only are metallics back but we’re talking metals with some umph! Part of her Starchild Odyssey fall makeup collection, Tarina Tarantino Supernova Nail Lacquers come in three vibrant metallic shades – Empire (peacock), Starchild (silver), and Meteor Night (dark blue). The richly pigmented colours require just one to two coats for a brilliantly modern mani or pedi. Available at Sephora for $12 USD each.

4. Meet the Browns. Wimpy taupe and tans are so yesterday. This season, look for rich chocolatey browns that aren’t shy about their autumn hues. Barielle’s new Argyle Polish Collection fits the style with six new cozy colours. Cashmere or Loose Me is a silky brown with copper pearl, Wool You Marry Me is a plum brown crème and Cowl of the Wild is a mushroom taupe crème. For a walk on the wilder side, Aura Angora is a royal gold crème. Available at select Ulta stores and for $8 USD each.

5. Shades of Gray. While fall hues hit high notes with deep purples and blues, the low, softer notes never go out of style. Essie has imbibed her fall collection with grays that kiss up to the season’s runway looks. Sew Psyched is a soft sage hue with a pewter vibe while Merino Cool is a shady gray twist on the traditional fall berry colours. Available at select Ulta stores and

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Nails at the Movies – No.1
Total Recall

Movie: Total Recall (1990)
Director: Paul Verhoven
Scene: Instant nail colour

Royal Rave: Lets get one!
This is an example of a simple effect that could probably have been achieved in the 1950s, if anyone had written a sci-fi script where a woman could change the colour of her nails with a tap on some future-gizmo. The nails are rotoscoped to provide an area for an animated colour transition to take place, and that's all there is to it. It's an elegant and not terribly expensive SFX that is 100% convincing.

Original post by Martin Anderson, Den of Geek, December 29, 2008

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Quake Hits Christchurch —
Nail Biting Soars!

Terrifying 7.1 on the Richter Scale, this Earthquake was BIG!

It was 4:35am, Saturday 4 September 2010, when all of Christchurch woke. The rumbling noise was deafening with violent shaking that lasted about a minute. My husband and I stumbled to our two young kids and grabbed them before diving for shelter under the kitchen table. Our lights went out and the aftershocks kept coming. Even now as I write this a month later, the whole region is still getting heaps of aftershocks.

So yeah, nail biting stuff.

On Saturday we went out to see how badly The Royal Nail was damaged; just some nail polish bottles smashed on the floor.

Incredibly no-one was seriously hurt in our family or anywhere else in Canterbury - a real miracle! Most of the damage is to property and infrastructure. Many people have lost their homes. Many can't return to work.

Our customers chat with us about their children's reactions to the aftershocks. While the little ones seem to be scared of them, teenagers seem less worried and make comments like: "Why do adults keep talking about this earthquake!"

One thing for sure, our city will never be the same.

5 Nail Polish Colours Every Girl Should Own

Whenever I have some extra money to spare, I always treat myself to a manicure and/or pedicure. One of my favorite things to do at the salon is look at the giant wall of nail polishes and search for the perfect colour. However, as much as I love finding the right shade of polish at the salon, I actually only own a few bottles myself. On the other hand, I have friends who own huge bags filled with dozens of nail polishes.
But whatever the size of your nail polish collection, there are some colours that every girl should own. So here are our top 5 must-have colours, as well as some tips for finding your perfect shade:

#1 A Classic Red

Product Information: Love & Beauty’s Rose, Chanel’s Dragon, OPI’s Big Apple Red, Essie’s Who’s She Red

Red is a timeless shade for your nails; it’s the perfect basic choice that works for both formal and everyday events. A classic red will never go out of style.

#2 A Pretty Pink

Product Information: E.L.F.’s Bubblegum Pink, M.A.C.’s Steamy, ULTA’s Berry-Go-Round, ORLY’s Basket Case

Pink polish screams feminine and is always a popular pick at salons. The colour is a great choice for spring or summer and brighter shades really pop against a (hopefully faux) tan.

#3 A No-Nonsense Neutral

Product Information: China Glaze’s Linger, Maybelline’s Blushing Bride, OPI’s Malaysian Mist, Revlon’s Barely Peach

A neutral shade is the perfect polish to wear if you want a barely-there look that will never appear over-the-top. Natural shades of polish are also great choices for conservative workplaces or interviews.

#4 A Mysterious Dark Color

Product Information: Essie’s Material Girl, ORLY’s Liquid Vinyl, OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark, OPI’s Yoga-ta Get This Blue!

As soon as September hits, I usually switch over to darker-coloured polishes and stick with them throughout most of fall and winter. There are lots of options here when it comes to shades – you can go with a bold black or a polish with blue, purple, red or brown undertones. Dark colors look chicest on shorter nails, and do require more maintenance than lighter hues because chips are more obvious.

#5 A Color That Makes You Happy

Product Information: China Glaze’s Turned Up Turquoise, Love & Beauty’s Plum Glitter, Pop Beauty’s Radioactive, Champagne by Models Own

I’m sure most of you know that colour can affect your mood, so I think that everyone should own at least one polish colour that just makes you happy. It can be your favorite colour, a metallic or something with some sparkle. You could even try a trendy polish, if that’s your style!

Tips for Finding a Perfect Shade of Nail Polish
The key to finding the perfect nail polish colour is to locate the shade that works best with your skin’s undertones. OPI’s website has a tool for doing this (found under ‘try on this colour’), and although it can only be used for OPI’s nail polishes, it will give you a good idea of the general shades that would work best on you.

It’s also important to remember that polish often looks different on your nails then it does inside the bottle. To know what I’m getting before I buy, I check online for reviews or pictures to see if anyone has tried the polish in question. All Lacquered Up is my favorite place to look; the woman who runs it has tried thousands of different nail polishes, gives honest opinions and takes lots of pictures. It’s a fantastic resource.

What do you think?
Do you agree with these choices? What are your must have colours? Be sure to leave a comment and let us know!

Original article written by Ashley - Flager College 
© 2010 College Fashion LLC

It's The Little Things That Really Matter

OK, The Royal Nail isn't the biggest salon in Christchurch and we're not in all the biggest malls, but I think being small has its advantages. It's helped us see how much little things like being friendly really matter to our customers. Sure, they come to us for their manicure or full set or whatever, but it seems like there's more to it than just getting the job done. Life's stressful! I hope The Royal Nail is a place where customers are losing some of that stress and getting to relax.

The silence was deafening
Some of our customers aren't interested in chatting, they want a quality nail treatment, pure and simple. But we've found most people like a bit of conversation. Either way, if you're reading this, I promise we'll do our best to work carefully on your nails and produce some awesome results! (plug plug) :)

If you're in the mood for some great music, check out  Little Things (the video) by New Zealand band, Trinity Roots.

Black Nail Polish - Why should
Goths and Emos have all the Fun?

goth mom
Goth mom by freeparking, on Flickr

Cheer up people – 
black looks good on you too!
Not so long ago, if you liked a certain kind of music, wore certain clothes and make up, had this kind of world view and hung around with like-minded peers, then black nail polish was probably your thing. But just like punk, grunge and other music genres went mainstream, so have associated fashion trends.

Shades of gray
Lines have blurred, genres blended – anything goes! Black is so mainstream now it's reached classic status, and we're enjoying many variations on the theme. A really smart offshoot is grey. Humble grey. Far from looking plain, a range of shades from dark through light are both understated and beautiful.

The One Time We Refused a Customer

All she wanted was a simple manicure!
Lee Redmond hasn't cut her nails since 1979, carefully growing them to reach a total length of 8.65 metres (28feet 4.5 inches).

Take Care of your Acrylic Nails

Here's the scenario, you've just received a beautiful set of acrylic nails from The Royal Nail. Trouble is, you're not completely sure how to take care of them. Splits, lifting and fungus are often caused by not taking proper care of acrylic nails, so here are a few important tips worth following...

1   Treat acrylic nails like your real nails. Though they appear strong and thick, don't use them as tools for opening heavily sealed packages or tins, and don't bite them.

2   Always keep them dry. Water can loosen your acrylic nails and may help to form bacteria and fungus. Make sure you dry your hands and nails thoroughly after every wash, swim, bath or shower. 

3 Wash hands with an antibacterial soap to prevent growth of bacteria. Infections damage the nail bed and can cause permanent damage to your nails.

4   Use rubber gloves while doing domestic chores. Dish washing can damage your artificial nails. Rubber gloves can help prevent painful splits, snagging or chipping of nails.

5  Clean under your nails each night. One of the best ways is to soak a cotton bud with alcohol (available from any chemist) and swab under your nails to eliminate dirt build up.

6  Visit your nail salon at the first sign of new nail growth. Not doing so often causes acrylic nails to crack or chip which may lead to discomfort and pain.

7  Visit your nail salon if you experience discolouration, 'lifting' or accidental chips to your acrylic nails. Chips and splits increase the risk of bacterial infection, so it's important these are repaired quickly.

8  Stop using acrylic nails if allergic reactions occur. These reactions to chemicals used in preparation of the acrylic could be causing skin inflammation (dermatitis) redness or peeling.

9  Avoid Do-It-Yourself removal of acrylic nails. Yes, you can remove them at home by soaking nails in an acetone based nail polish remover, but to prevent nail damage, this task is best left to nail salon professionals.

Matte Polish – Always Dull Never Boring

A strong thread seems to run through our fashion, film and music industries that often begs the question, why the Kiwi love affair with all things dark and brooding? I don't know why, but is candyfloss any better? Some blame this melancholy on our geography, our latitude, our isolation and even our ancestors, but who can really say?

Of course we also have a cheerful, relaxed vibe going on – especially through the warmer seasons. Zumba anyone? Salsa? Steinlaga?

Whatever mood you're in, nail lacquer companies like OPI, Revlon, Zoya and others have come up with some wonderful matte polishes...