Monday, December 13, 2010

The Best Nail Salon in Christchurch

Who's Perfect?
We're committed to being the best nail salon in Christchurch. If you have any thoughts about how we can do things better, please let us know. Help us be the best Nail Salon in Christchurch - we can do it!



    You treated me like royalty!

    I am very impressed with my Gel Nails, you are very professional and I can tell you enjoy what you do. You offered me excellent service from the time i walked into your store. You are all very helpful and friendly. I am impressed how efficent you work and hygenic your work area is. I will definately continue to come to the Royal Nail. I see you provide a large range of services at a discount price why would anyone go anywhere else.
    With Thanks
    Jemma Kenny

  2. Hi Jemma, thanks for your vote of confidence!

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