Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Christchurch weeps

Seven days have passed since Tuesday 22 February 2011.
The Royal Nail re-opens today.

Last week I was in Cathedral Square for a 9 am appointment. Being early, I wandered to the Cathedral and read a sign enticing tourists to scale its tower for 'fabulous 360° views of the city and beyond'. My thoughts were, “I’ll go up there another day when I have more time.”
As it happens, this was my last chance to do so…

... Around 1 pm the magnitude 6.3 earthquake struck Christchurch.
I was at home. My family and I are thankful we're alive; neither our house nor the salon was severely damaged and our neighbours and friends are doing well physically—although I'm not so sure about their (or my) emotions. It’s an effort being positive when friends have lost their businesses or jobs. In a strange twist of fate, my neighbour’s house was broken into by burglars the night before the earthquake. My family’s income is halved as my husband can no longer work in town.

There is so much uncertainty and too many stories of heart break and death. But there are also blessings; the narrow escapes and the thousands who selflessly give whatever help they can. I’m constantly switching between moods of gratefulness and sadness/anxiety.

I hope you and your loved ones haven't been hurt too badly.
May you find peace and comfort within the chaos...

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