Saturday, April 23, 2011

Nail Polish and Lipstick Colours –
Mix or Match?

Fashion is fickle. Trends come and go. Personally, I like what I like whether it's in or out of season. Though eventually I'll probably stop liking it because I'm so fickle. As to the question of coordinating or varying lipstick and nail polish colours? The answer of course is yes!

Many women work to create a coordinated look from head to toe while others like to mix and mash. Accessorizing well is not limited to jewelry, scarves and handbags. Makeup counts too. The right nail polish and lipstick can help pull your look together. It's a good idea to find out which hues work for your skin tones, style and the season you're dressing for.

Laetitia Casta: red combo
Lighter skinned women look great in rosy pinks, sheers and light pastels like blue and lavender. Darker skinned women look best in deeper hues like red, orange, gold and purple and their lips look especially great in plum and rich browns.

Personal style plays a huge part in your nail polish and lipstick choices. A conservative woman with a shy personality may find it difficult wearing a sunny yellow nail polish or a bright attention grabbing hot pink lipstick. A flashy dresser may not feel comfortable wearing a subdued clear polish or sheer lip gloss. Mix and match looks and products until you find your ideal colours and styles.

Milla Jovovich: rasberry combo
When it comes to seasonal selections for nail polish and lipsticks, there are many choices. For autumn, try gold, sandy brown and plum polishes/lipsticks. These warmer tones mirror the changes happening in nature. Don't worry about perfectly matching the polish to the lipstick. Earthy hues work well together in a variety of shades, and these colours look great with autumn wardrobes of suede, wool and tweed.

Eva Longoria: chocolate combo
Dress your lips and nails in lush colours to play up the winter season. Opt for colours with dark berry tones like mulberry, cranberry or deep reds – somehow these work nicely in the cold of winter.

By the time spring rolls around, you'll want to break away from the deep hues of winter. Opt for softer, fresher colours like light peaches, pinks and corals. For a daring spring look, try baby blue or lavender nail polish, complemented by sheer lip glosses in clear hues or light purples and pinks.

Summer nails and lips can be less fuss than any other time of the year. For summer, have a little lighthearted fun with some bright hues including lively corals, fabulous fuchsias, funky blues and sunny yellows. Lipsticks are equally lively – try glosses in bright pinks, reds and grape.

When in doubt any time of year, there are nail polish standards that look great on just about everyone. For universal elegance and beauty, try nude coloured polishes or French manicures. Both are sophisticated, subtle and never look overdone.

Nude Polish
French Manicure

Saturday, April 2, 2011

No piranhas were harmed
during this pedicure

The fish pedicure fad caught on in the US after a Virginia salon began offering it in 2008. Thousands of customers have tried the unorthodox treatment, where their feet are immersed in warm water filled with scores of Turkish miniature toothless carp (otherwise known as Garra rufa). The fish nibble away at dead skin while leaving healthy flesh untouched.

Fish pedicures have been banned in 14 US states over concerns it may spread person to person infections via open wounds. In response, salons claim to use constantly filtered UV-lit tanks to keep them disease free.

By all accounts, the little fish are big on tickles – see Travel reporter Samantha Brown in the video below. Healthy or not, effective or otherwise – if nothing else, the fad is fun!

Sorry Christchurch, we don’t offer fish pedicures at The Royal Nail.