Saturday, April 2, 2011

No piranhas were harmed
during this pedicure

The fish pedicure fad caught on in the US after a Virginia salon began offering it in 2008. Thousands of customers have tried the unorthodox treatment, where their feet are immersed in warm water filled with scores of Turkish miniature toothless carp (otherwise known as Garra rufa). The fish nibble away at dead skin while leaving healthy flesh untouched.

Fish pedicures have been banned in 14 US states over concerns it may spread person to person infections via open wounds. In response, salons claim to use constantly filtered UV-lit tanks to keep them disease free.

By all accounts, the little fish are big on tickles – see Travel reporter Samantha Brown in the video below. Healthy or not, effective or otherwise – if nothing else, the fad is fun!

Sorry Christchurch, we don’t offer fish pedicures at The Royal Nail.

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