Thursday, July 28, 2011

Strong Nails, Strong Men and...

Aside from strong nails, strong men and the occasional strong cocktail, as snow and ice engulf Christchurch, I can't overstate the importance of strong coffee. Since the demise of the inner city in February, some of Christchurch's best caf├ęs are now history.
So where to for great coffee, food and service? Addington Coffee Co-op, that's where! 

A shameless plug for my favourite cafe
(guilty as charged). But just try their Jailbreaker coffee, "it's so good it should be illegal"–
and what's more it's all fair trade!
Addington Coffee Co-Op
297 Lincoln Road, Addington, 
Christchurch. Ph. 943 1662

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nervous Laughter...

This creative bag-promo was designed by David Mously for Stop 'n Grow, a European
nail-biting deterrent. Strategically-placed handles create the dramatic effect. Initially German pharmacies distributed about 10,000 of the bags before the campaign spread elsewhere. We could probably sell truckloads of this stuff right now in Christchurch...