Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My boyfriend just got a manicure!

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid or Brokeback Mountain? You decide.
No man’s land
Your boyfriend exits The Royal Nail with a stunning manicure...
Does that make him gay? Yes it does.
I'm kidding, he's probably no more gay than your mum is...
In reality, manicures and pedicures are popular with both our straight and gay clients.

What kind of guy gets a manicure?
Lets face it, if a man’s job involves physical work where his hands and fingernails get a hard time, it's less likely he’ll want or need a manicure. A bricklayer’s manicure would be ruined in no time. We don't have many gardeners asking for treatments either. In reality though, we get all kinds of guys coming to us.

I'm happy when men visit us for a treatment; to me they’re gutsy. Just the phrase alone, “Nail Salon”, screams femininity. No man's land! Imagine The Royal Nail as a Wild West saloon... The swing-doors open as a cowboy steps in. He orders a manicure and the whole place goes silent as every female stares into his very soul.
A little dramatic, but maybe this cowboy is secure. Maybe he knows exactly who he is and who he isn't. Maybe he likes well groomed nails and appreciates how relaxing a spa pedicure can be. Or maybe he's just vain.

To groom or not to groom?
Why is that even a question? Women think grooming is important, so why shouldn't men? Okay so a lot of guys like the ‘rugged’ look and a lot of us like to look at the rugged look. But for me there's rugged and there's unkept. I draw the line at greasy hair, egg stained stubble; pungent armpits; dirty nails and smelly feet.

It's not just sensitive urban professionals and IT geeks coming in for treatments, we also get farmers. Yes, farmers. And sometimes we get overseas visitors, like the sleazy fat guy who fell asleep during his spa pedicure. When he woke up, I swear he thought one of us would be lying next to him in bed, naked!

Of course, very few of our male clients really have it all together, and even less are sleazy. They're just regular guys who care about personal grooming, and what's good for them is good for everyone – right?


  1. Couldn't agree more..

    I'm a straight guy and just LOVE getting a mani-pedi as much (or even more than) any other girl. Though, it still makes me nervous to walk into a salon full of women wondering what they would be thinking about me walking into their territory.

    I still have to choose a quieter time but I have been getting bolder. I have even had some bright colours on my tootsies when a lovely technician teased/coaxed me into it and I must admit, I did love the look but will have to save it for special occasions.. ;)

    I'm based in Oz but your blog has me impressed enough to add you to my iterenary for any future NZ trips.. And don't you worry I'm honestly not fat or sleazy, and promise not to fall asleep during my pamper session.. :)

    1. Hi and thanks! I really appreciate your comments. We look forward to meeting (and serving) you next time you're over this way...