Saturday, September 17, 2011

Treat Me like Royalty every day

If you really need convincing...
In retail (and this includes beauty services) the value of a product or service is whatever customers are prepared to pay for it.
Perception is everything. If a Christchurch nail salon or beauty spa charges $80 for acrylic nails and someone perceives this salon is worth it, they'll happily pay the $80. Now let’s say The Royal Nail charges $45* for essentially the same treatment (which we do) and the same person asks themselves, “Why do they charge only $45 for acrylic nails?” They may even equate cheap with nasty, telling themselves our service is probably inferior. “I'm much ‘safer’ spending my $80 at a more expensive salon”.

Treat Me like Royalty every day
Treat Me (by Trade Me) is a cool website offering daily retail bargains in cities throughout New Zealand. Deals up for grabs usually offer at least 50% discount off various products and services. If you haven't visited this great kiwi site yet, go ahead and enjoy!

Just so everyone is aware, the ‘Treat Me’ graphic above was created specifically for this blog article as a parody. Though it resembles a genuine Treat Me deal, it is not in any way associated with the real Treat Me website.

So far we haven't offered any Royal Nail deals on Treat Me. This is because our every day prices are so good already! If we knocked 50% off our $45 acrylic full set we'd be running at a loss!

Best value Acrylic Nails and Gel Nails 
in Christchurch
The Royal Nail isn't the cheapest or the most expensive Nail Salon in Christchurch, but it is the best value. A claim that would ring hollow if it wasn't echoed by our many loyal and happy customers. They seem to like our commitment to quality, our friendly staff, our hygienic salon and our fair prices.

Enough with the trumpets! I've forgotten the essential retail truth that most people equate high prices with excellence. Since this is so, our reasonable prices could be working against us. Am I wrong? Should we raise our prices to gain more respect?

*Current price at 17/09/11.

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