Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Curse of The Disappearing Manicure

Fight the tarnish
It’s summer and our beaches are ringing with the sounds of happy children. Seagulls squawk above as barbeque smells waft lazily on warm breezes. Crimson Pohutukawa blooms rustle gently and turquoise seas sparkle with promise... All seems well in Aotearoa... but wait, something wicked this way comes! Those very blessings: sun and sea, bring also curse to skin and nail. Now all at once, we’re worriers (melancholic electric guitar solo). The dream’s over. Our once pristine manicures have quickly faded and chipped, their former glory robbed by the elements. Go ahead and mourn. Dye your florals black. Get indoors. Face facts. Your manicure wasn’t good enough for this cruel world, wasn’t good enough to face the elements. And in these conditions, why expect any more from an ordinary manicure? But wait, what if you had some kind of special super-hero manicure that offered powerful, long lasting protection from the elements? What if you had not one, but two fine ‘bodyguards’ looking out for you?

The dynamic duo
Introducing Gelish ® and CND Shellac ™ nail treatments at The Royal Nail. When it comes to withstanding New Zealand’s brutally strong rays, both of these super-durable gel nail polishes kick ass! Both products offer a high gloss finish that will wear without chipping or peeling for 2 to 3 weeks.

Freedom to choose
Now while some nail salons (and clients) feel Gelish is to Shellac what Robin is to Batman (his weaker sidekick), there are also plenty of salons (and clients) who rate Gelish superior to Shellac. Clearly no nail polish manufacturer is making friends with its competitors, and not unlike some politicians, they tend to ‘inform’ customers by criticizing competing brands while praising their own. But at the end of the day, shouldn't it be you the customer who decides which system works best for you? At The Royal Nail, we offer you the freedom to choose between a Gelish or a Shellac treatment or both!

Spiderman and Batman fight it out
Choosing similar colours from both brands, why not experiment? Get a Gelish ® manicure on one hand and Shellac ™ on the other. Which looks best after an hour? After 3 weeks? No-one really cares if Batman beats Spiderman or Superman or Wonderwoman or whoever, what matters is that the curse of the disappearing manicure has been broken.

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