Friday, August 9, 2013

Love's in need of love today

Years ago, I remember laughing with a friend when she told me, “I'm having a 'rotic' dinner this weekend.” “What's a 'rotic' dinner?” I asked. “A romantic dinner without the man.” Ouch. This year's Valentines came and went like it does every year with countless millions around the planet sharing love's thrill and countless others not. We all want to love and to be loved, but how is that relevant to this blog? What's love got to do with it? Everything.

Because love relates to everything in life – everything from “I'm not really a waitress” (the name of an OPI nail polish) to actually, I am a waitress. Everything from jellybeans to has-beens. Romantic love, lust love, friend love, pet love, family love, even orphaned child on TV can't hold back the tears love.

But what is love?

The Beatles said Love is God (All you need is love).
The Bible says God is Love (1John 4:8). 
 Stevie Wonder says Love's in need of Love:

Love's in need of love today
Don't delay, Send yours in right away
Hate's goin' round
Breaking many hearts
Stop it please
Before it's gone too far...

I love that love - it's all about action.
Feelings are great but where's the action? Hate's gonna win if we don't fight it. Something's wrong, so let's do something about it.

Before her tragic death in 2012, Whitney Houston sang Stevie's song at her 2010 concert in South Africa – who knew then that she had only two years left? Life is short, much too short to waste on hate, so “don't delay – send yours in right away.

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