Friday, January 24, 2014

Gel 2 Reaction at The Royal Nail Christchurch

So hot it’s cool. Gel II™ Reaction, the hottest new gel polish manicure taking the world by storm is available now at The Royal Nail. Gel II™ (Gel Two) Reaction is a temperature activated, colour changing gel polish that evolves beautifully with your body heat and lasts for around three weeks!

Bold in the cold and sweet in the heat. It’s easy to get Gel II™ Reaction to change colour. Not a “mood” polish as such, Gel II™ is activated by temperature. Luminous hues vary depending on how hot or cold your nails are. To see the colours transform right before your eyes, run hands under cold water to get dark colours and warm water for soft brilliant colours. Watch Gel II™ react in the video below!

The Royal Nail offers manicures in a wide choice of Gel II™ Reaction colours, including some of the newly released Reaction Remix range.

Gel II™ Reaction Manicure  $55
Gel II™ Reaction French Manicure  $65
Gel II™ Reaction Pedicure  $65
Gel II™ Reaction French Pedicure  $75
Gel II™ Reaction Manicure Removal and Reapply  $65
Gel II™ Reaction French Manicure Removal and Reapply  $75

Why barely get a response? Get Reaction from The Royal Nail, Christchurch.

Useful links:
Gel II™ website

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